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Tormentor > The 7th Day of the Doom
Tormentor - The 7th Day of the Doom
Tormentor discography (demos)
Anno Domini
Tormentor discography (all)
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Anno Domini

The 7th Day of the Doom


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3 reviews (avg. 85%)
Side A
1. Intro 01:29   Show lyrics
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2. Tormentor 05:51   Show lyrics
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3. Branded by Satan 07:53  
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4. Infinite Darkness 08:47   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Mephisto 04:50   Show lyrics
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6. Damned Grave 09:35   Instrumental
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7. ...?... 00:45   instrumental
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8. Live in Damnation 06:37   Show lyrics
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9. Seventh Day of Doom 05:14  
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Band members
Attila Csihar Vocals
Tamás Buday Guitars
Attila Szigeti Guitars
György Farkas Bass
Márton Dubecz Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Frost Artwork
Frost Artwork
Read Not your typical first wave... 70% Valfars Ghost October 15th, 2016
Read The Seventh Day of Doom 94% Noctir December 22nd, 2011
Read Wow 91% Egregius July 25th, 2004

The spelling and grammar of the album title has changed from version to version, as has the title of track 3 (from "Branded the Satan" to "Branded with Satan" and finally "Branded by Satan") and track 6 (from "...?..." to variations of "Dance of Swords").

Recording information:

- Recorded at Gönzi Bunker, Hungary in 1987.

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