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Toner Low > Toner Low
Toner Low - Toner Low

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Toner Low

Toner Low

Toner Low

Release date:
June 6th, 2005
Catalog ID:
RKR 013
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Gatefold
Roadkill Rekordz
None yet
1. Devilbot 08:40  
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Grass 08:56  
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3. Interlude 02:07  
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4. Murphy 06:56  
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5. Sunn Of 05:07  
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6. Nymrod 14:14  
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Miscellaneous staff
Jack K. Artwork, Layout
Alan Ward Mastering
Jack K. Artwork, Layout
Alan Ward Mastering
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Also released by Freebird Records in 2006.

The track titles are sometimes given as:
1. Evil Machinery on the Rise
2. Devilbots Designed To Assimilate
3. Through Endless Fields of Waving Grass We Battle
4. Praying for Murphy's Law to Arise
5. Into the Sunn of Nymrod
6. We Will Conquer

This confusion stems from a six-lines poem on the album cover, which was written around the actual song titles. However, only the lines 2-5 represent song titles and the track 'Interlude' is excluded from the poem.

Recording information:

Recorded at M123 Studio, Leiden, Netherlands, in 2005.
Bastered at Electric City, Belgium, in 2005.

01 Composed November 2001-March 2002. Lyrics November 2001.
02 Composed September 2002-April 2003. Date of lyrics unknown.
03 Recorded in late 2004 or early 2005. Based on a theme Deef (vocals and bass on this album) played since the nineties.
04 Composed October-November 2003. Based on the song Slightly that was written in March-April 1999. Date of lyrics unknown, but before April 1999. The two final lines were written in 2004.
05 Composed in early 2005.
06 Composed March-April 2004.

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