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Mirror of Creation

Tomorrow's Eve

Release date:
March 24th, 2003
Catalog ID:
SOD 109
Source of Deluge Records
None yet
1. Prof. Brandon 01:00   Show lyrics
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2. Optimization 08:04   Show lyrics
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3. Cold Science 00:57   instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
4. If Eyes Turn Blind 09:23   Show lyrics
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5. Lost 10:27   Show lyrics
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6. Live Your Dream 08:56   Show lyrics
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7. Next Chapter 00:32   instrumental
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8. New Orders 08:11   Show lyrics
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9. Crazed Gunman 07:08   Show lyrics
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10. Mirror of Creation 02:52   instrumental
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11. Too Many Lies 02:08   Show lyrics
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12. Point of No Return 09:28   Show lyrics
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13. Tomorrow? 01:12   instrumental
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The back cover has a spelling error and lists track 3 as "Cold Sience".


Barcode: 4 250088 500039

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