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Timor > Aeons of Despite
Timor - Aeons of Despite

Timor discography (all)
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Aeons of Despite


Release date:
November 22nd, 2008
Catalog ID:
Quam Libet Records
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1. Intro 00:38  
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2. Morbid Crusade 03:16  
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3. What Lies Beneath 03:26  
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4. Aeons of Despite 05:48  
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5. Downfall of Humanity 03:55  
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6. Warhead 05:07  
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7. Ruled by Betrayal 03:25  
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8. Denial of Existence 04:55  
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9. Prophet/Messiah/Deceiver 04:26  
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10. Nemesis 03:42  
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11. Breed of a New Age 04:56  
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Lukas Villiger Vocals (lead)
Dave Schlumpf Drums
Lukas Studer Bass
Simon Burri Guitars (lead)
Panos Batsilas Guitars (rhythm)
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Recording information:

Recorded July-August 2008
Produced by Dave Schlumpf and Timor
Mixed by Dave Schlumpf
Mastered by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios
Music by Timor
Lyrics by Lukas Villiger
Piano outro on Breed of a New Age by Kathrin Schlumpf
Backing vocals by Lukas Villiger and Simon Burri
Artwork and layout by Dave Schlumpf and Simon Burri
Band Photo by Andreas Willi
Live Photos by Gabriel Stadlin, Kathrin Schlumpf, Nastassja Patane and Jean - Michel Scheidegger


EAN: 7640111135302

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