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Tierramystica > Heirs of the Sun
Tierramystica - Heirs of the Sun
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Heirs of the Sun


Release date:
July 20th, 2013
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. When the New Dawn Arrives 02:13   instrumental
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2. Vision of the Condor 06:39   Show lyrics
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3. Essence of Pride 04:37   Show lyrics
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4. Myths of Creation 06:06   Show lyrics
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5. Shine, Once Again 08:01   Show lyrics
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6. Men of Earth [Mapuche] 06:05   Show lyrics
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7. Gate of Gods [Hayu Marca] 05:49   Show lyrics
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8. The Rise of the Feathered Serpent [Quetzac√≥atl] 06:12   Show lyrics
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9. Llanto de mi tierra 05:54   Show lyrics
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10. Inti Sunset 03:54   instrumental
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Rafael Martinelli Bass
Fabiano Müller Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Quena
Alexandre Tellini Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Zampoña
Luciano Thumé Keyboards
Ricardo Chileno Vocals, Guitars (acoustic), Ocarina, Charango, Craviola, Bombo
Gui Antonioli Vocals
Duca Gomes Drums
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A music video was made for Vision of the Condor.

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