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Thy Disease

Release date:
November 30th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Mystic Production
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1. Blame 04:17   Show lyrics
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2. Code Red 02:56   Show lyrics
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3. Collateral Damage 04:14   Show lyrics
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4. Nightmare Scenario 03:26   Show lyrics
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5. Moral Supremacy 03:16   Show lyrics
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6. Fog of War 02:59   Show lyrics
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7. Freedom for Anshur-Za 04:04   Show lyrics
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8. General's Speech 04:33   Show lyrics
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9. Rotten Structure 02:57   Show lyrics
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10. Salah-Dhin 04:23   Show lyrics
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11. Sinner in Me (Depeche Mode cover) 03:56   Show lyrics
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12. Frozen (Madonna cover) 04:34   Show lyrics
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Band members
Psycho Vocals
Yanuary Guitars, Bass, Programming
Cube Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
Cloud Drums
Dawid Buras Keyboards (track 12)
Vac-V Keyboards (track 8)
Paulina "Paula" Maślanka Vocals (female) (track 12)
Vogg Guitars (lead) (track 9)
Miscellaneous staff
Tomasz Zalewski Producer
Michał Czekaj Cover art
Psycho Vocals
Yanuary Guitars, Bass, Programming
Cube Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
Cloud Drums
Dawid Buras Keyboards (track 12)
Vac-V Keyboards (track 8)
Paulina "Paula" Maślanka Vocals (female) (track 12)
Vogg Guitars (lead) (track 9)
Tomasz Zalewski Producer
Michał Czekaj Cover art
Read Implementation of a foreign... 65% Diamhea July 2nd, 2015

In 2012 cover art was stolen by US band - The Gateway Complex.

Anshur-Za Story

This World Is Filled With Greed D And The Lust For Power There Is The Syndicate, A Quasi Super State And A Global
Corporation. Majority Of The Territories Are Submitted To It's Influence. This Domination Is Based On
Blackmail And Economic Ties, Most Of The Globe Is Entangled In The Net Of Dependence. What Is More, Rulers
Of Syndicate Claim, That That Their Vision Of The World Is The Only Acceptable One And Their Way Op Life Unique
And Superior, In Their Eyes This So Called Moral Supremacy Justifies The Expansion And Intervention

One Of The: Few Fully Independent Areas Is Anshur-Za This Desert Land Is A Louse Federation Of Free States, With
A Distinct Culture And Backward Economy. Such Exceptionality Is Not Well Seen By The Syndicate. The Usual
Means Of Intimidation Won't Be Implied In Case Of Anshur-Za A Military Intervention Is Needed
Ansur-Anshur-Za Is Being Accused Of Acts Of Sabotage And Declared Enemy Of Peace And Progress. In A Fiery Speech, The
Commander In Chief Of The Syndicate Armed Forces, Throws The Accusations And Declares War On Anshur-Za
This View Is Supported By Most Of The States Which Belong To The: Sphere Of Influence Of The Sole Superpower
It Is Widely Expected To Be An Easy, Blitzkrieg Type Campaign

The Attack Is Swift And Overwhelming. The Fighting Is Brutal Because The Fighters Of Anshur-Za Fight With
Courage And Determination. But They Can't Face The Technological Superiority Of The Syndicate. Soon The

War Seems To Be Over And The Victory Is Pronounced By The Overconfident Aggressors. With The End Of Combat
Operations, Syndicate Declares That Anshur-Za Enters The Era Of "Real Freedom." And Prosperity

None Seems To Pay Any Attention To The Cultural Gap Between The Two Belligerents, And The Fact That There Is
No Universal, Cultural Model That Can Be Applied Globally This Arrogance And Insensitivity Provokes Armed
Resistance. Which Turns Into Full Blown Guerrilla Warfare. The Occupying Forces Have To Fight The Enemy
That They Don't Know And That Has The Support Of The Local Population. This Low Intensity, Asymmetric
Warfare Wrecks Havoc In The "Liberated" Land. The Collapse Of All The Infrastructure Causes Epidemic Of
Previously Unknown Disease. It Soon Gets Out Of Control Desperate Commanders Of The Occupying Forces
Decide To Separate The Infected And Eliminate Them Quietly With The Chemical Weapons. However The News Of
The Extermination Spreads Out And Causes An Outrage. Meanwhile Another Discrediting Fact Comes To Light
The Independent Inquiry Ends With A Conclusion. That The Supposed Acts Of Sabotage And Terrorism Blamed
On Anhur-Za (Which Were The Casus Belli). Were The Provocation. It Was A Job Of The Secret Services Of The
Super Corporation. Syndicate Loses All The Credibility The Unjust War And Loss Of The Moral High Ground
Cause Turmoil Within The Globe. The Rebel Forces Of Anshur-Za Can Finally Look Into The Future With Hope. The
Different Groups Decide To Unite Under The Charismatic Leader A Self-Proclaimed Salah-Dhin. He Declares A
Holy War Which Will Be Waged Until The Complete Victory New Order Will Be Built And All The Opposition To
It Will Be Crushed. A New Tyranny Is Born


Barcode: 5903427872883

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