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Warpath / Suffocation of Soul / Thrashera / Angry > Thrash Till Death
Warpath / Suffocation of Soul / Thrashera / Angry - Thrash Till Death
Warpath discography (misc)
< Massacre
Warpath discography (all)
< Massacre
A Hell to Behold
Suffocation of Soul discography (misc)
< The Last Way of Madness
Macabre Sentence
Suffocation of Soul discography (all)
< The First Attack
Macabre Sentence
Thrashera discography (misc)
< The Last Drinks Before the Storm
O Grito Sujo do Subterrâneo
Thrashera discography (all)
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Angry discography (all)
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Thrash Till Death

Warpath / Suffocation of Soul / Thrashera / Angry

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Guillotine Records
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1. Angry - Fear of Tomorrow  
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2. Angry - Future Chaos  
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3. Angry - Insanity  
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4. Suffocation of Soul - No Escape of Slaughter  
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5. Suffocation of Soul - H.T Unholy Invasion  
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6. Suffocation of Soul - Prelude to a Nuclear War  
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7. Warpath - Radio Hell  
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8. Warpath - Chernobyl  
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9. Warpath - Cyanide Juice Drink to Die  
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10. Thrashera - Sex in the Chemical Toilet  
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11. Thrashera - Tribo de Mendingos  
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12. Thrashera - Space Monkeys Maniacs  
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William Drums
Marcio Bass, Vocals
Danilo Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Suffocation of Soul
Márlon Drums
Tarcísio Guitars
André Vocals, Bass
Mauricio Guitars
Surtur Impurus Drums
Madcrusher Guitars
Chakal Vocals
Bode de Sade Bass
Alex Guitars
Diego Bass, Vocals
Ricardo Drums
Renato Guitars
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Co-released with Metal Reunion, Guerrilha Produções, Rock Animal, Insulto Produções, Ihells Produções, Vulto Negro Produções & Distro, Mercenary Distro Records e Massacra Records.

Recording information:

Mastered by Sidinei "Grim" Falcão (Estúdio SD).

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