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Thorns of the Carrion > The Story of the Leaves
Thorns of the Carrion - The Story of the Leaves
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The Story of the Leaves

Thorns of the Carrion

Release date:
December 22nd, 2001
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, Limited edition
None yet
1. The Story of the Leaves 08:07   Show lyrics
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Allen L. Scott II Guitars
Brad Howard Bass
Ash Thomas Drums, Vocals
Leslie Anderson Keyboards, Flute
Marquis Thomas Vocals, Guitars
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"The Story of the Leaves" is a continuation of the story from "The Willow Weeps For Me". Hence, part of the "Story" cover shows the tree from the "Willow" cover art. In 2000 the band announced a plan to re-publish the complete story, written by the band, that both releases lyrics depict (originally released as a 15-page booklet in 1995 accompanying the release of "The Willow Weeps For Me"), alongside a "Story" EP with several other songs (such re-recordings of "The Willow Weeps for Me" Parts 1 and 2, "A Relic of Joy", "Orchids Upon Carrion Fields", and the original 2 "Willow" recordings as bonus tracks at the end). However" after the promotional 1-song advance CD-R's were released in December 2001 the complete EP project never happened. "A Relic of Joy" was mostly recorded during these sessions but never entirely finished.

Unwritten plain CD-R's in plain paper sleeves, behind a single-sided, hand-cut cover. The actual copies have the art shown here, but with the words "Promotional CD" printed in very small white lettering in the bottom right corner.

Released on December 22nd 2001 at a release party at Sudsy Malone's. This set was recorded and released as the "Live at Sudsy Malone's" promo CD, with "The Story of the Leaves" included as its opening song.

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