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The Thule Tape


Release date:
April 1992
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Thule 06:36  
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2. Fairytales  
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3. Fall 02:41  
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4. Lovely Children   instrumental
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5. Home  
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6. You That Mingle May   Show lyrics
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7. It's Me  
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Full band rehearsal, the only known demo to include all four original members.
Two songs were later included on the compilation "Stigma Diabolicum" - these are "Thule" and "Fall".

As with all of Thorns' demos, this demo is officially unreleased. It has however been traded heavily in various edits and configurations over the years and is an important part of the project's legacy.
-Most versions include only two tracks, a complete "Thule" and a cut version of "Fairytales". This version is usually called "Rehearsal 1991" or "Rehearsal 1992".
-The second most common version has three tracks and includes a complete "Thule", a cut "Fairytales" which is longer than usual (or has the opening and ending, but no middle section) and an instrumental version of "Lovely Children".
-The third most common version has four tracks, "Thule", "Fairytales" (cut in various ways), "Lovely Children" and "Fall".
-The fourth most common (very rare) version is presumably complete, and includes seven tracks, as listed in the main entry here.

Due to the many different cuts of the song "Fairytales" available, the track lengths listed on websites are all wrong. It is therefore kept blank in this entry.

As this demo was not official in the strict sense, there was never a proper title or any sort of cover artwork. It is found on tape-trading lists etc. with many different titles, "The Thule Tape", "Thule", "Grymyrk (Full) Band Rehearsal", "Fairytales", "Rehearsal 1991" or "Rehearsal 1992", etc. The two latter are perhaps the most common titles.

There is a debate on when the tape was recorded. Most sources list it as recorded somewhen in 1991, and uses the title "Rehearsal 1991". However, bassist Harald Eilertsen believes that the tape was probably recorded in Easter 1992.
Due to the uncertainty regarding the facts surrounding this release, it is listed here with the title "The Thule Tape" with release year 1992, instead of the previous "Rehearsal 1991". This is partly because "Thule" is the only song that appears in complete form on EVERY version or configuration of the demo, and partly because it was most likely recorded in 1992, and not 1991.

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