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Thormenthor > Dissolved in Absurd
Thormenthor - Dissolved in Absurd
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Dissolved in Absurd

Dissolved in Absurd


Release date:
February 1991
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
None yet
Side A
1. The Abrupt Nature - Dissolved in Absurd 09:58  
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Side B
2. Pulverising 05:02  
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3. Fragments of Existence (Within Despair) 06:13  
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Miguel Fonseca Vocals, Guitars
João Paulo Dias Vocals, Bass
Dorival Guitars
Nuno Castedo Drums
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Tracks 3 and 4 were also released on 7" vinyl .
Track 1 was also released in the 2xLP compilation "The birth of a tragedy".

All tracks were also avaiable on the compilation CD "Mortuary Vol.1" by Skeleton.

Reissued in June 2012 by Raging Planet Records, Chaosphere Recordings and Glam-O-Rama Shop in a 12'' gatefold vinyl format with 2 versions; Normal black and coloured splatter vinyl.

All tracks were remasterd.

12'' Vinyl Picture.

Recording information:

Recorded at "Estudio 35" in Almada, during 21st January/91 to 1st February/91.
Except "Fragments Of Existence (Within Despair)" recorded between 15th to 22th September/90.

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