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Thin Lizzy > Live at the National Stadium - Dublin
Thin Lizzy - Live at the National Stadium - Dublin
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Live at the National Stadium - Dublin

Thin Lizzy

Release date:
March 27th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Universal Music Group
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1. Fighting My Way Back   Show lyrics
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2. It's Only Money   Show lyrics
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3. Wild One   Show lyrics
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4. For Those Who Love to Live   Show lyrics
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5. Showdown   Show lyrics
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6. Suicide   Show lyrics
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7. Rosalie (Bob Seger cover)   Show lyrics
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8. The Rocker   Show lyrics
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9. Sha La La   Show lyrics
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10. Still in Love with You   Show lyrics
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Scott Gorham Guitars
Brian Robertson Guitars
Darren Wharton Keyboards on "Are You Ready?"
Eric Bell Guitars on "Whiskey In The Jar"
Snowy White Guitars on "Are You Ready?"
Brian Downey Drums
Phil Lynott (R.I.P. 1986) Vocals, Bass
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Total Running Time: 2hrs 25 mins approx. Contents:

• A full show from Dublin, Ireland, in 1975. [10 songs]

• "The Sun Goes Down: Farewell Irish Tour" Documentary which includes:
- Are You Ready?
- Cowboy Song
- Baby Please Don't Go
- Cold Sweat
- The Sun Goes Down

• "Renegade: The Philip Lynott Story" Documentary which includes:
- Ode to a Blackman
- Renegade
- Whiskey in the Jar
- The Boys Are Back in Town
- Wild One
- Yellow Pearl [Top of the Pops intro]
- King's Call
- Waiting for an Alibi
- Killer on the Loose
- Are You Ready?
- Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
- The Rocker

• Bonus features:
- Are You Ready (6/5 Live - TV Performance 1980)
- Whiskey in the Jar (6/5 Live - TV Performance 1980)
- Old Town (Philip Lynott Solo PromoVideo)


Barcode: 0602527926391

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