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Theurgia > Transformation
Theurgia - Transformation
Theurgia discography (all)
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Release date:
August 16th, 2017
Catalog ID:
ωτ 121 / ESFINGE04
Version desc.:
Pro-tape, Limited edition
Worship Tapes
300 copies
1 review (avg. 87%)
Side A
1. TheTorch ov Creation 00:54   instrumental
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2. ILV (The Verb of Waters) 05:56   Show lyrics
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3. Transformation 07:27   Show lyrics
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4. Transmutation (Of Synesthetic Formula) 06:20   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. My Oeneric Dreams 00:41   instrumental
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6. Procesio IV - Monotonous Chant 07:39   Show lyrics
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7. Procesio V - Dolorvm 05:25   Show lyrics
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8. Procesio VI - Mea Spíritus in Opium 05:49   Show lyrics
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9. Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane (Dissection cover) 05:19   Show lyrics
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Daemonae All instruments, Vocals (studio), Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (live)
Teurastus Bass, Vocals (backing)
Hellbeats Drums
Mortuum P. Guitars (lead)
Read A confident debut album of... 87% NausikaDalazBlindaz January 2nd, 2018

Released in cooperation with Esfinge de la Calavera.

Recording information:

Recorded at Fenix Estudio (Barranquilla - Colombia)
Mixed and mastered at Dae Home Studio.

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