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Them > Return to Hemmersmoor
Them - Return to Hemmersmoor
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Return to Hemmersmoor


Release date:
October 30th, 2020
Catalog ID:
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Diluvium 03:02   Show lyrics
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2. Age of Ascension 03:22   Show lyrics
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3. The Tumultous Voyage to Hemmersmoor 03:47   Show lyrics
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4. Free 05:01   Show lyrics
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5. Field of Immortality 05:53   Show lyrics
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6. The Thin Veil 06:36   Show lyrics
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7. Waken 05:43   Show lyrics
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8. Memento Mori 01:31   Show lyrics
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9. Hellhounds: The Harbingers of Death 03:19   Show lyrics
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10. Battle Blood 03:56   Show lyrics
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11. Maestro's Last Stand 05:40   Show lyrics
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12. Finis 00:45   Show lyrics
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Band members
Alexander Palma Bass
Angel Cotte Drums
Richie Seibel Keyboards
Troy Norr Vocals
Markus Ullrich Guitars
Markus Johansson Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Dave Otero Mixing, Mastering
Mario López Cover art
Dave Otero Mixing, Mastering
Mario López Cover art
Read Far more original than most... 84% Agonymph November 29th, 2020
Read The riffs belong to them. 86% hells_unicorn November 20th, 2020

Official music video:
- Battle Blood

Official lyric video:
— "Free"

Recording information:

Mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio. Denver, CO, USA.

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