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The Unguided > And the Battle Royale
The Unguided - And the Battle Royale
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And the Battle Royale

The Unguided

Release date:
November 10th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Napalm Records
None yet
1. Death's Sting 03:49  
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2. The Heartbleed Bug 04:04   Show lyrics
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3. Legendary 03:47   Show lyrics
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4. Dark Metamorphosis 03:39  
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5. A Link to the Past 03:59  
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6. Anchor Stone (Of the World) 04:15  
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7. Manipulate Fear 03:00  
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8. Force of Nature 04:04  
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9. King's Fall 04:33  
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10. Nighttaker 03:48  
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11. Daybreaker 03:46  
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12. Nighttaker (live) 03:48  
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Roger Sjunnesson Guitars (rhythm), Keyboards
Richard Sjunnesson Vocals (harsh)
Henric Carlsson Bass
Richard Schill Drums
Jonathan Thorpenberg Vocals (clean), Guitars
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Official lyric video:
- Legendary

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