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The One > Guardians Inhuman
The One - Guardians Inhuman

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Guardians Inhuman

The One

Release date:
September 1st, 2003
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Total Holocaust Records
1000 copies
3 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. This Means War 03:47   Show lyrics
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2. Undying 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. Guardians Inhuman 04:35   Show lyrics
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4. Thou Art None 07:41   Show lyrics
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5. I Am the One 07:51   Show lyrics
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6. Ambiance 03:35   instrumental
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Band members
Evil Dark All instruments, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Evil Dark Mastering, Mixing
Evil Dark All instruments, Vocals
Evil Dark Mastering, Mixing
Read You are so not the one 47% autothrall August 10th, 2011
Read Polished album with a... 87% NausikaDalazBlindaz March 20th, 2007
Read Sounds of inhumanness 85% Molochengott September 17th, 2004

MC released by Budget Funeral Records, limited to 500 copies. (July 2005)

Recording information:

Recorded during the summer of 2003 in Demonion Studios.

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