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The Disaster Tapes 2006-2012

The Monolith Deathcult

Release date:
January 1st, 2014
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A - Side Alpha - Tetragrammaton
1. Aslimu (recorded for Season of mist 2011) 07:45  
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2. Human Wave Attack (demo 2012) 07:57  
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3. The Age of the Sheiks Is Over (demo 2012) 06:53  
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4. Todesnacht von Stammheim (demo 2012) 06:13  
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Side B - Side Omega - Triumvirate
5. Laodecian Hunger (demo 2007) 08:08  
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6. Kinderreich (rejected by the label) 05:29  
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7. K-141 Kursk (demoed for a desired Aaron Stainthorpe guest vocal) 11:27  
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8. Master of the Bryansk Forest (original demo recorded and written by Carsten Altena) 05:55  
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Miscellaneous staff
Michiel Dekker Recording
Carsten Altena Recording
Michiel Dekker Recording
Carsten Altena Recording
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All tracks written, played & recorded by Michiel Dekker except Master Of The Bryansk Forest by Carsten Altena.

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