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Noise Propoganda Live EP

The Leviathan's Mandible

Live album
Release date:
January 2nd, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Intellectual Subjugation of the Human Bovine 02:42  
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2. Termites in Cellar Doors 00:53  
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3. Faith Healer 00:29  
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4. The Pecking Order 00:55  
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5. And the Children Became the Sloth 01:21  
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6. Blessed Are the Sentinels Drenched in the Blood of Vermin 01:13  
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7. In Famine's Mouth 00:38  
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8. Plight of the Mealworms 01:07  
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9. Nothing Changes Without a Body Count 02:44  
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10. Man, The Dsytopian Abomination 01:10  
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11. Home Is Where They Hang the Bodies 00:43  
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12. Dirtworshipper 01:28  
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13. Those Who Eat of Scorched Earth and Shit Out Human Remains 02:23  
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Travis Vocals
Fred Guitars, Vocals
Jay Drums
Kevin Bass
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Available for free download.

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