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The Last Twilight > Unholy Terror Assault
The Last Twilight - Unholy Terror Assault
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Unholy Terror Assault

The Last Twilight

Live album
Release date:
July 2008
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
War Flagellation Productions
666 copies
None yet
1. The Fight for Satan's Empire  
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2. Morbid Path  
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3. Christian Massacre  
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4. Final Embrace  
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5. The Black Knight  
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6. Behind the Infernal Gate  
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7. Nulla dies sine Morte  
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8. Call of the Abyss  
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9. The Last Twilight / The Wolves Return  
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Todesking Guitars
Blunier Vocals, Bass
Aboriorth Drums
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Handnumbered copies.

Track 7 is an inedit song.
Track 9 contains two hymns.

Recording information:

Recorded during the BM Ritual in Palas de Rei (XXIX.XII.MMVI).

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