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The Invertebrate > In Pulverem Reverteris
The Invertebrate - In Pulverem Reverteris
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In Pulverem Reverteris

The Invertebrate

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Eye of Horus Creations
None yet
1. Lux Aeterna (intro) 00:38  
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2. Chaotic World 01:44  
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3. Cerebral Orgasm 00:52  
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4. A Step to the Obliteration 01:15  
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5. Sententious Despicable 00:11  
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6. Scum (Napalm Death cover) 02:33   Show lyrics
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7. Deceiver (Napalm Death cover) 00:39   Show lyrics
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8. Dead (Napalm Death cover) 00:04   Show lyrics
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9. You Suffer (Napalm Death cover) 00:05   Show lyrics
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10. Pre-menstrual Curriculus 00:45  
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11. The Invertebrate Corpse 01:50  
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12. From a Vaginal Violation to an Anal Massacre 00:06  
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13. Silence (Please) 00:06  
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14. Smells like Rotten Spirits 00:50  
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15. Mental Slavery (The Process of a Life in Torment) 01:02  
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16. National Grindcore 01:06  
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17. Malignant Paralysis 01:30  
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Jorge "Bicho" Vocals, Bass
Xana Drums
Vitor "Carcass" Guitars
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This the second opus of The Invertebrate. Now with Jorge "Bicho" a.k.a. Sacerdos Magus (Antiquus Scriptum, ex-Psycoma, ex-Firstborn Evil a.k.a. Iblis, ex-vocal session for Sistematic Collision), Vitor "Carcass" Mendes (Neoplasmah, Project Six, ex-Antiquus Scriptum, ex-Raw, ex-Fecal Expiration, ex-Psycoma, ex_Namek...) and Xana (ex-Psycoma, ex-Firstborn Evil). You can download this demos in the blog of the Portugal underdergound.

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