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The Gathering - Promo '92
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Almost a Dance

Promo '92

The Gathering

Release date:
October 1992
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Heartbeat Amplifier 04:56   Show lyrics
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2. Her Last Flight 08:09   Show lyrics
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3. On a Wave 05:28   Show lyrics
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4. The Illusionist 04:29   instrumental
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5. Passage to Desire 04:49   Show lyrics
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6. Of Pavillions and Fountains 03:33   Instrumental
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Hans Rutten Drums
René Rutten Guitars, Theremin, Digeridoo
Frank Boeijen Keyboards, Grand piano, Samples
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs Bass, Flute, Triangle
Jelmer Wiersma Guitars (electric & acoustic)
Bart Smits Vocals
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The entire demo was re-released as part of the re-released edition of the "Downfall: The Early Years" compilation (released in 2008; the original edition of this compilation was released in 2001).

These songs are pre-productions from "Almost A Dance" songs with Bart Smits on vocals. All songs (minus track 4, "The Illusionist") were re-recorded for that album. Some titles were altered (slightly) on "Almost A Dance":
Track 5 was later re-named "A Passage to Desire".
Track 6 was later re-named "Like Fountains"

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