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The Eyes of a Traitor > Breathless
The Eyes of a Traitor - Breathless

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The Eyes of a Traitor

Release date:
July 12th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Listenable Records
1 review (avg. 37%)
1. Prologue 00:47  
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2. The Birth 03:53   Show lyrics
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3. Come to My Senses 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. The Real You 03:36   Show lyrics
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5. Your Old Ways 04:34   Show lyrics
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6. Talk of the Town 04:10   Show lyrics
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7. Nothing to Offer 03:58   Show lyrics
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8. Breathless 03:58   Show lyrics
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9. Crumble & Break 04:06   Show lyrics
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10. Grounded 04:44   Show lyrics
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Jack Moulsdale Bass, Vocals (clean)
Sam Brennen Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals (backing)
Matthew Pugh Guitars
Steve Whitworth Guitars
Jack Delany Vocals (lead)
Read Suffocated below a heap of... 37% autothrall January 25th, 2011

Release dates:
Europe: 2010-07-12
USA: 2010-07-27


Barcode: 3760053841353

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