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Deep Drone Master

The Deathtrip

Release date:
November 14th, 2014
Catalog ID:
Svart Records
2 reviews (avg. 77%)
1. Intro (Stirring the Master) 01:28  
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2. Flag of Betrayal 03:35   Show lyrics
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3. Dynamic Underworld 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Sewer Heart 03:15   Show lyrics
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5. Making Me 05:49   Show lyrics
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6. Cocoons 04:39   Show lyrics
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7. Cosmic Verdict 03:38   Show lyrics
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8. There's Something Growing in the Trees 04:29   Show lyrics
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9. A Foot in Each Hell 03:51   Show lyrics
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10. Syndebukken 07:15   Show lyrics
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Band members
Host Guitars, Keyboards
Aldrahn Vocals
Dan "Storm" Mullins Drums
Jon T. Wesseltoft Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Snorre W. Ruch Mixing
Host Guitars, Keyboards
Aldrahn Vocals
Read Do you dare to make this trip? 75% LefterisK October 5th, 2016
Read There's Something Growing... 78% Norrmania January 6th, 2016

Recording information:

"Recorded across multiple spaces & times."
Mixed by Snorre W. Ruch at his Satanic Poultry Studio.


Barcode: 6430050662578

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