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The Crucifier > Cursed Cross
The Crucifier - Cursed Cross
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Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 3

Cursed Cross

The Crucifier

Release date:
October 20th, 2006
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 85%)
1. Cursed Cross 05:06   Show lyrics
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2. Realize Life 03:43   Show lyrics
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3. Governmental Slavery 04:07   Show lyrics
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4. Drive Intense 03:20   Show lyrics
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5. T.V. (Truth's Vileness) 03:36   Show lyrics
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6. Slaves Of Seeded Hatred 04:44   Show lyrics
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7. Thrash Till The Death 03:35   Show lyrics
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8. Crucifier 04:02   Show lyrics
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9. Execute Them All 04:44   Show lyrics
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Band members
Nick Psarogiannis Guitars
Vasilis Tsafas Drums
Stelios Kapandais Bass
Mimis Ligos Guitars
Hlias "Thanatoid" Kyriazis Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Alexander Szczygiel (R.I.P. 2017) Cover art
Alexander Szczygiel (R.I.P. 2017) Cover art
Read greek crucifiying thrash metal 85% tsoupa July 2nd, 2007

"Governmental Slavery" and "T.V. (Truth's Vileness)" also appeared on "Dirty Business Vol. I" compilation tape, 2008, released on Face Fate Records.

Released on cassette by Maltkross Productions in 2008 to an unknown number of copies.

The bonus track 'Execute Them All' is a re-recorded version from the bands 2002 debut 'Merciless Conviction', runs (02:58) and was originally re-done for the 'Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 3 SPLIT'.

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