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The Circle > Symphony no. 1
The Circle - Symphony no. 1
The Circle discography (demos)
Promo 1993
The Circle discography (all)
Promo 1993

Symphony no. 1

The Circle

Release date:
December 1992
Catalog ID:
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1. The Mission 03:25  
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2. Alisius' Fall 03:26  
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3. Temptation 02:33  
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4. Son of the Woods 04:13  
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5. King of the Light 05:09  
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6. Like a Farewell 05:10  
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7. The Circle 05:55  
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8. Like Father, like Son? 05:18  
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9. A Black Prayer 02:58  
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Jeroen van Veen Bass
Martijn Spierenburg Drums, Keyboards
Robert Westerholt Guitars, Vocals
Ernst van der Loo Guitars, Vocals
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Also known as 'Symphony Nr. One".

Tracks 2, 3, 5 and 7 were re-recorded and used on the 'Embrace' album (the album was recorded as The Circle, but released as Voyage). Track 3 and 5 had a slightly different title on the Voyage album though (Temptations, King of Light). Track 7 had a totally different title on the Voyage album, namely 'Broken Silence'.

Tracks 1, 7 and 3 are also featured on The Circle's promo demo in different forms.

Track 7 is an early form of the song 'Broken Silence' that was featured on the 1993 promo, and later re-recorded once more for the Voyage album 'Embrace'.

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