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Promo 1993

The Circle

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1. The Mission 03:06  
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2. Alisius' Fall 03:36  
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3. Broken Silence 05:47  
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Jeroen van Veen Bass
Martijn Spierenburg Drums, Keyboards
Robert Westerholt Guitars, Vocals
Ernst van der Loo Guitars, Vocals
Arjan Groenedijk Guitars
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'Broken Silence':
The early version of this song, called 'The Circle' can be found on the 1993 'Symphony no. 1' demo. The track was also re-recorded and released on a DSFA compilation called 'DSFA: Paradise of the Underground'. Another re-recording of this track is on Voyage's 'Embrace' album.

'The Mission':
A re-recording from a song from the 'Symphony no. 1' demo.

'Alisius Fall':
A re-recordings of a track from the "Symphony no. 1" demo. This song was also re-recorded for the Voyage album 'Embrace'.

This is the only recording to feature Arjen Groenendijk. He became 2nd guitarist so Ernst van der Loo could focus on vocal duties. Both quit the band not long after this recording.

This promo was made for the record company 'Foundation 2000 Records', who at that time were willing to sign The Circle. However, the band rejected their offer in the end.

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