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The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques)

The Axis of Perdition

Release date:
April 28th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Rage of Achilles
4 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. A Ruined Nation Awakens 04:16   Show lyrics
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2. To Walk the Corridors of Hell 06:31   Show lyrics
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3. Nightmare Suspension 06:08   Show lyrics
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4. My Time, My Reign, My Tyranny 05:50   Show lyrics
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5. Forms on the Other Side of Silence 03:09   Show lyrics
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6. Reflections of the Underdark 05:47   Show lyrics
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7. Born Under the Knife, Live in Pain 05:37   Show lyrics
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8. Disturbance in the Perpetual Screen 07:47   Show lyrics
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Tetsuo Unit BRJ Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Programming
Test Subject MGB Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Read Uncensored, Audible Dementia 98% Verwustung March 31st, 2006
Read Axis Of Perdition 89% Morris February 18th, 2005
Read Terrifying, traumatic, and... 88% AggressiveNapkin February 10th, 2005
Read A Ruined Nation... 90% KantQontrolMyself April 10th, 2004

The Ichneumon Method is a reference (direct or indirect) to Ichneumon Wasps which paralyse their prey and lay their eggs in the still living bodies. These eggs then hatch and the larvae devour the prey alive from the inside out.

The intro speech for "A Ruined Nation Awakes" is from "The Matrix". The outro speech for "A Ruined Nation Awakes" is from "Event Horizon".

The intro speech for "Born Under the Knife, Live in Pain" is from the Twilight Zone episode "Little Girl Lost".

Some people might also recognise the intro speech from "Born Under the Knife, Live in Pain" from Silent Hill.


Barcode: 5021449593521

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