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Nightbringer > Rex Ex Ordine Throni
Nightbringer - Rex Ex Ordine Throni
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Nightbringer / Serpentinam

Rex Ex Ordine Throni

Nightbringer / Temple of Not

Release date:
November 2005
Catalog ID:
Full Moon Productions
2 reviews (avg. 69%)
1. Nightbringer - The Void 08:34   Show lyrics
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2. Nightbringer - Mors Philosophorum 04:59   Show lyrics
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3. Nightbringer - The Dark and the Silence 08:22   Show lyrics
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4. Nightbringer - Vir Sapiens Dominabitur Astris 08:53   Show lyrics
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5. Temple of Not - Temple of Not 13:08  
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6. Temple of Not - The Sunken Houses of Sleep 14:28  
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Naas Alcameth Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
Ophis Guitars, Lyrics
Nox Corvus Guitars, Drums
Read Solid Black Metal + Droning... 68% PutridWind December 29th, 2009
Read Black metal meets ambient 69% Pestbesmittad September 19th, 2009

'Rex Ex Ordine Throni' (Is not coherent as a Latin phrase, especially as Throni is not a real word. This would assumedly translate to 'Arrange the King from the thrones', however, 'Regem Ex Solio Depelle!' ('Displace the King from the Throne!') or 'Rex Ex Solio Depelleatur' (May the King be Displaced from the Throne.) would be more suitable).

'Mors Philosophorum' ('Death of the Philosophers').

'Vir Sapiens Dominabitur Astris' ('The Wise Man Will Be Ruled by the Stars').

Added by: Star-Gazer Modified by: TvvrAskesis
Added on: 2006-07-09 14:36:18 Last modified on: 2021-10-04 05:29:42