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Tau Cross > Messengers of Deception
Tau Cross - Messengers of Deception
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Messengers of Deception

Tau Cross

Release date:
December 4th, 2020
Catalog ID:
Heretical Music
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. Yaldabaoth 04:28  
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2. Hollow Earth 05:01  
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3. Burn with Me 04:18  
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4. Black Cadillac 04:06  
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5. VOTL 05:43  
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6. Messengers of Deception 04:07   Show lyrics
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7. Babylonian Death Cult 05:48  
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8. Drowning the God 04:25  
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9. Three Tides (Or the Triale of Pyrat John Bellamie and Seawytch Annabel Green) 07:23  
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10. Sorrow Draws the Plough 03:55  
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Read Metallization + modernization 90% Colonel Para Bellum January 13th, 2021

Re-written and entirely re-recorded version of the album that was planned to be released via Relapse Records in 2019, but which the label cancelled after Rob Miller thanked a Holocaust denier in the liner notes.


Barcode: 5060446073025

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