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Tarihan > Hohe Tannen
Tarihan - Hohe Tannen

Tarihan discography (all)
< Des Wüterichs Rabenzauber
Der Waldgänger

Hohe Tannen


Release date:
Catalog ID:
ULFR 002
Ulfhednirs Records
1 review (avg. 78%)
1. Einleitung: Walkürensturm 04:01  
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2. Wenn's Wüetisheer dur Gwitterwulchänä dunnärät 13:06   Show lyrics
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3. Urlichtstrahlen über Thule 10:04  
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4. Die Hallen der vergessenen Ahnen im Mitternachtsberg 01:52  
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5. Bronzezeitliches Barbarenblut 00:55  
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6. Hohe Tannen (volkstümlich) 02:24   Show lyrics
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7. Der Bergthron im Herbstnebel 02:44  
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8. Und ewig singen die Wälder 01:15  
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9. Wo die alten Wälder rauschen 09:48  
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10. In des Mondes blut'gem Schein (Ehrerbietung an Absurd) 04:15   Show lyrics
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11. Das dunkle Schlachtfeld (Ehrerbietung an Graveland) 07:50  
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12. Wüterichs Rabenzauber 10:13  
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13. Nachklang: Parzivals Rückkehr ins Gralsgebiet 01:20  
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Read Between genius and... 78% sharkey February 4th, 2020

Parts of track 1 are taken from Richard Wagner, Die Walküre, 1870, Prelude to Act II.

Front-artwork painted by Targaz Ansgisel von Tannenburg in Winter 1994/'95.

Das dunkle Schlachtfeld is a cover of Graveland's The Dark Battlefield sung in german.

English Tracklist (as noted on the back):
1. Intro: Storm of the Valkyries
2. When the Wild Hunt (Woden's army of the ghosts) comes thundering through the stormclouds (Swiss/Alemannic German)
3. Rays of the Primary Light over Thule
4. The forgotten ancestors' halls in the Midnight-Mountain
5. Barbarian blood of the Bronze Age
6. High firs (traditional)
7. The mountain-throne in the autumn's mist
8. And the forest sing eternally
9. Where ancient forests rustle
10. In the moon's bloodred glare (Tribute to Absurd)
11. The dark battlefield (Tribute to Graveland)
12. Woden's ravenspell
13. Outro: Perceval's return to the domain of the Grail

"Herr Targaz Ansgisel von Tannenburg der Unzeitgemäße" means "Sir/Mister Targaz Ansgisel of Fir Castle the Anachronist".

Recording information:

Recorded and produced in Nov./Dec. 2002 at Waldmühle-Studio Switzerland without any digital technology, except tracks 4 & 7 and outros of tracks 3 & 9 recorded by Tarihan in Oct./Dec. 1995

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