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The Damnation Game

Symphony X

Release date:
November 6th, 1995
Catalog ID:
InsideOut Music
7 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. The Damnation Game 04:32   Show lyrics
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2. Dressed to Kill 04:45   Show lyrics
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3. The Edge of Forever 08:59   Show lyrics
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4. Savage Curtain 03:31   Show lyrics
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5. Whispers 04:48   Show lyrics
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6. The Haunting 05:22   Show lyrics
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7. Secrets 05:42   Show lyrics
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8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude (Part I) 03:04   Show lyrics
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9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension (Part II) 05:40   Show lyrics
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Band members
Michael Romeo Guitars
Russell Allen Vocals
Michael Pinnella Keyboards
Thomas Miller Bass
Jason Rullo Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Michael Romeo Producer
Eric Rachel Producer
Steve Evetts Producer
Suha Gur Mastering
Michael Romeo Producer
Eric Rachel Producer
Steve Evetts Producer
Suha Gur Mastering
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All background vocals arranged and performed by Symphony X.
All music and lyrics written by Symphony X.

Recording information:

Recorded at Trax East Studio, South River, New Jersey.
Additional recording at Studio 84, Howell, New Jersey.
Mastered at Polygram.


Barcode: 4 001617 244029

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