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Tribute to Dio

Swamp Squat / Nuclear Hellfrost

Release date:
May 16th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Eternal Warfrost Productions
None yet
1. Nuclear Hellfrost - Hell Frost Freeze Eternal  
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2. Nuclear Hellfrost - Demonic Nunslayer  
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3. Nuclear Hellfrost - True War Kvlt Necrolust  
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4. Nuclear Hellfrost - Atomic War Desecration  
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5. Nuclear Hellfrost - Residue of Life  
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6. Nuclear Hellfrost - Cries of Pain (Anti-Cimex cover)  
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7. Swamp Squat - Massakrap  
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8. Swamp Squat - George of the Grundle  
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9. Swamp Squat - Tok-Siq Mom-It  
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10. Swamp Squat - Virulent Taco  
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11. Swamp Squat - Crocodile Grundee  
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12. Swamp Squat - Swamp Squat  
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Swamp Squat
Gunkie Undiez Bass
Scott Strapp-on Vocals
Eatin' Roids Drums
Dunkin' Lownuts Drums
Nuclear Hellfrost
Eric Bass
Andy Drums, Vocals
Karl Guitars
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Tribute to Ronnie James Dio.

Recording information:

Recorded at live shows between 2012-12013.

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