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The True Legend


Release date:
November 1st, 1998
Catalog ID:
FR 007
Folter Records
4 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. Goatthrone 06:30   Show lyrics
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2. The True Legend 05:17   Show lyrics
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3. Tearing Your Soul 04:50   Show lyrics
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4. The Snake in the Garden of Eden 06:32   Show lyrics
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5. In the Ghoul-Haunted Forest Where the Winter Was Eternal 07:03   Show lyrics
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6. Under the Devil's Moon 05:44   Show lyrics
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7. A Cursed Blaze from the Castle 05:06   Show lyrics
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8. The Shadows Is Painting My Eyes 05:43   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ornias Vocals, Bass
Draugen Drums
Surth Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Schulle Artwork, Layout
Ornias Vocals, Bass
Draugen Drums
Surth Guitars
Schulle Artwork, Layout
Read Worthy Swedish black metal. 78% Andromeda_Unchained June 11th, 2012
Read Possessed with killing 72% autothrall March 20th, 2012
Read What once could have been... 80% Kristenhat666 September 20th, 2007
Read Awesome songwriting ruined... 60% Visionary March 23rd, 2006

All music & lyric by Ornias except track 6 by Ornias & Surth.

Recording information:

Recorded under the 11th full moon in 1996 at Avalon Studio.
Produced by the true legends, Svartsyn.

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