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Supuration > The Cube
Supuration - The Cube
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Fleshcrawl / Supuration / R.U. Dead?

The Cube


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5 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. Prelude 00:57   Show lyrics
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2. The Elevation 05:10   Show lyrics
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3. Soul's Speculum 01:10   Show lyrics
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4. 1308.JP.08 03:03   Show lyrics
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5. The Cube 05:49   Show lyrics
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6. Through the Transparent Partitions 03:58   Show lyrics
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7. Spherical Inner-Sides 00:53   instrumental
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8. The Accomplishment 07:15   Show lyrics
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9. 4TX.31B 04:35   Show lyrics
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10. The Dim Light 05:33   Show lyrics
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Ludovic Loez Guitars, Vocals
Laurent Bessault Bass
Fabrice Loez Guitars, Vocals
Thierry Berger Drums
Read 5318008 84% robotiq March 6th, 2020
Read Claustrophobic metal 90% we hope you die August 27th, 2019
Read Majestic 95% Dark_Mewtwo1 September 10th, 2008
Read A musical UFO indeed! 92% natrix January 29th, 2008
Read French masterpiece ! 95% VS_Sheb September 13th, 2006

Holy Records re-released the album in 1998 using the band's new name SUP, and adding three bonus tracks:
11. The Crack
12. The Cleansing
13. Variation on Theme 4TX.31B

The bonuses are all taken from the Still in the Sphere MCD. The re-release was completely remixed and remastered and even some parts that were either drowned in the mix or simply cut on the original version resurfaced on the remaster (such as a solo on the end of "The Dim Light").

Reincarnate Records was a label ran by friends of the bands that were owning a metal shop, named "Underground Records" in Lille, France. "Underground Records" was the name of the label that released the band's debut MCD ("Sultry Obsession"). In fact "Reincarnate Records" and "Underground Records" are the very same guys. The label just changed its name upon the release of Loudblast's "Disincarnate" as they were close friends of Loudblast too.

"The Cube" is the first part of a trilogy made of "The Cube", "Incubation" and "The Cu3e".

The title "1308.JP.08" is seemingly a French car ID # of that era and the following song, "Half Dead" on the compilation "Obscurum per Obscurius" started by a car crash sample.


Barcode (Text): 3 369021 225968
Matrix / Runout: ODF SUP 007 CD
Rights Society: SACEM/SDRM
Other: 852076
Other: WM329

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