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1. The Creeping Unknown 04:06  
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2. Isolated 04:02  
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3. In Remembrance of a Coma 03:48  
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4. Sultry Obsession 03:28  
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5. 1308.JP.08 02:54  
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6. Sojourn in the Absurd 03:50  
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7. Ephemeral Paradise 03:33  
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8. Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver 04:50  
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9. In Remembrance of a Coma 04:10  
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10. 1308.JP.08 03:00  
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11. Half-Dead 04:30  
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12. Hypertrophy / Sordid & Outrageous Emanation 04:18   Show lyrics
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13. Sultry Obsession 03:29  
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14. Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver 05:25  
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Laurent Bessault Cover art
Laurent Bessault Cover art
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Tracks 1-8: recorded in August 1991 at C.M.A. studio
All the tracks from the 1991 releases: The Creeping Unknown single, Isolated EP, In Remembrance of a Coma single, Empheral Paradise single, Promo Tape '91 demo.

Tracks 9-11: recorded in May 1992 at C.M.A. studio
The 3 tracks from the Obscurum per Obscurius 1992 compilation CD released by Reincarnate.

Tracks 12-14: recorded in October 1990 at C.M.A. studio
The Sultry Obsession 1990 EP (Sordid & Outrageous Emanations was also featured on the Appointment with Fear vol. 1 1991 sampler CD released by Cyber Music).

Repulse Records wanted to release the album and even advertised it at the time, but both the band and label were disagreeing on the artwork: Repulse wanted a "brutal" artwork while Supuration were sticking to Laurent Bessault's one... So they released it on their own.

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