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Nemesis Enforcer

Supreme Pain

Release date:
June 1st, 2009
Catalog ID:
MAP 074
Metal Age Productions
2 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Darkening Age Rise 01:28   instrumental
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2. Vengeful Wrath 05:43   Show lyrics
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3. Legacy of Chaos 04:45   Show lyrics
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4. The Unholy Throne 04:40   Show lyrics
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5. Threshold of Immortality 05:25   Show lyrics
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6. To Serve in Slavery 06:50   Show lyrics
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7. Lobotomy of the Soul 04:30   Show lyrics
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8. Goddess of Divine Retribution 06:54   Show lyrics
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9. Nemesis Enforcer 05:56   Show lyrics
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Band members
Erwin Harreman Guitars
Bas Brussaard Guitars
Aad Kloosterwaard Vocals
Tadej Cholewa Bass
Toep Duin Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Mottla-Art Cover art
Jörg Uken Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Mottla-Art Cover art
Jörg Uken Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Read Moving forward 95% satanhatta_ September 25th, 2013
Read Brutality enforcer 70% autothrall November 14th, 2009

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio, Germany 2009.
All music written & arranged by Supreme Pain.
All lyrics by Supreme Pain.


Barcode: 8586009500625

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