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Sunn O))) > The Grimmrobe Demos
Sunn O))) - The Grimmrobe Demos
Sunn O))) discography (demos)
Rehearsal Demo Nov 11 2011
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ØØ Void

The Grimmrobe Demos

Sunn O)))

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9 reviews (avg. 63%)
1. Black Wedding 19:16  
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2. Defeating: Earths' Gravity 14:59  
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3. Dylan Carlson 21:28  
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Band members
Greg Anderson Guitars, Bass
Stephen O'Malley Guitars, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Mathias Schneeberger Co-producer
Greg Anderson Guitars, Bass
Stephen O'Malley Guitars, Bass
Mathias Schneeberger Co-producer
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The original press on HHNI came with 4 different colours/prints on the black front cover: 10 black, 30 red, 30 silver, 666 gold. 15 test pressings were also made.

2xPLP released by Outlaw Recordings in September 2003: Double picture disc with 3 sides playable, side 4 is etched (seems to be cut with a knife like an antirecord by Stephen O'Malley, on purpose) and is unplayable, playing this side would break the needle. Both vinyls are wrapped in a black cardboard sleeve sealed with wax showing a pentagram inside. According to the Outlaw website only 219 copies were pressed, all hand-numbered.

Re-released in January 2005 on CD and 2xLP by Southern Lord Recordings. The CD version includes 1 bonus track:
4. Grimm & Bear It (16:40)
The 2xLP version is limited to 1000 copies black vinyl, 500 copies on grey/blue swirl, 500 copies on opaque blue and grey vinyl (one color for each vinyl). It included the bonus track "Bremerton [Call of the Burning Longships Upon Saline Sounds of Despair]" (16:31). The 3 original tracks also had subtitles:
1. Black Wedding [Lament for a Nordic Vision Buried by Wine & Dust]
2. Defeating: Earths' Gravity [Psilocybic Launch Unto the Psychosphere and Beyond the Graves]
3. Dylan Carlson [A Mere Offering on the Altar of the Puget Lord]

Re-released on October 31st, 2007 as a 2xCD by Daymare Recordings in Japan. It includes the previous CD bonus track "Grimm & Bear It" and bonus track "Live At Gabah/The Anti-Club 1.999" (25:47) on the second CD. Released in a four-panelled gatefold hard cardboard cover, with each sleeve housing one disc.

Re-released on October 10th, 2008 on picture disc vinyl by Southern Lord Recordings, limited to 500 copies. Released exclusively for Sunn O)))'s 10th annum tour in the US (4 concerts). Includes the previous vinyl bonus track and 2 other tracks:
4. Bremerton (16:31)
5. Anti (12:44)
6. Gabah (13:17)

The third track "Dylan Carlson" is actually the main guitarist of Earth. The song was named after him because he influenced Sunn O))) to make this demo.

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