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Wangelen / Sunchariot > Lunar Misanthropy
Wangelen / Sunchariot - Lunar Misanthropy
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Lunar Misanthropy

Wangelen / Sunchariot

Release date:
April 30th, 2019
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Werewolf Promotion
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Wangelen - 300 años de guerra  
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2. Wangelen - Dominacion de todo  
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3. Wangelen - El Demonio dirge  
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4. Wangelen - La muerte menos temida  
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5. Wangelen - Camino entre los arboles  
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Side B
6. Sunchariot - Bone Harvester 2  
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7. Sunchariot - Interlude 1  
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8. Sunchariot - Love Long Lost  
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9. Sunchariot - Interlude 2  
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10. Sunchariot - Double-Edged Sword of Lust and Lies  
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Pillanche Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums
C.R.G. Everything
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Recording information:

Wangelen: All instruments and vocals performed by Pillanche except "Dominacion de Todo", which drums were performed by Pablo Afentus. Nature sounds on "Camino.." were recorded by Pillanche in nature of Chile.

Sunchariot: These hymns were recorded during different sessions from 2012-2015. Sunchariot is CRG (guitars,vocals,flute,keys,and drum programing) except drums on "Bone Harvester 2" by I. Drums on "Bone Harvester 2" recorded in Canada.

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