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Grind Years 2004 - 2011


Release date:
May 2014
Catalog ID:
TMCD037 / Virus 12
Cianeto Discos
None yet
1. Sonho dos Afogados 02:07  
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2. A Beleza do Mundo Que Nos Odeia 01:05  
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3. Lobos em Pele de Cordeiro 00:52  
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4. União, Respeito e Humildade é Papo de Cristão 01:11  
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5. Contundente Estado de Pessimismo 01:45  
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6. Cidadania 00:44  
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7. Decadência 00:58  
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8. Anti-Facista 00:34   Show lyrics
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9. Raça Humana 00:37  
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10. Sua Bandeira, Sua Mentira 01:24  
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11. Manifestação 01:24   Show lyrics
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12. Sua Bandeira, Sua Mentira 01:29  
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13. Interpretações a Fatos Comuns 01:09   Show lyrics
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14. Reflita Seus Atos 01:55   Show lyrics
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15. Nenhuma Dor é Maior do que Relembrar os Dias Felizes na Miséria 01:47   Show lyrics
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16. Féretro da Humanidade 02:13  
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17. Descaso 01:40  
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18. Odor da Podridão 00:40   Show lyrics
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19. Use Seu Ódio Contra o Sistema 01:22   Show lyrics
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20. Mais um Produto de Consumo 00:53   Show lyrics
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21. Em Nome de Deus 00:54   Show lyrics
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22. Indústria Bélica 01:11  
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23. Raça Humana 00:43  
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24. Nutrindo a Esperança 00:54   Show lyrics
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Co-released with Old Grindered Days Records, Purgatorius Records, Sonoros Records, Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos, Virus Productions, Audio Guerrilha, Bicicleta Records, Cipreste Negro Records, Intervenção Cultural Underground, Positive Youth Records, Putr-Essence Distro, Rezzident Eevil Records, Turbulation Prods.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-5 taken from the split with P.L.F.
Tracks 5-10 taken from the split with Social Chaos.
Tracks 11-18 taken from the split with Disturbance Project.
Tracks 19-24 taken from the split with Fuck the Facts.

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