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Stratovarius > Revolution Renaissance
Stratovarius - Revolution Renaissance
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Revolution Renaissance


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1. Heroes 03:58   Show lyrics
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2. I Did It My Way 04:24   Show lyrics
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3. We Are Magic 06:08   Show lyrics
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4. Angel 04:35   Show lyrics
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5. Eden Is Burning 05:01   Show lyrics
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6. Glorious Divine 04:43   Show lyrics
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7. Born upon the Cross 05:21   Show lyrics
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8. Keep the Flame Alive 04:37   Show lyrics
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9. Last Night on Earth 04:42   Show lyrics
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10. Revolution Renaissance 05:50   Show lyrics
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Read Imagine what could have been 75% kluseba January 14th, 2018
Read The renaissance that went... 82% hells_unicorn December 27th, 2010

This is the demo for the planned "Revolution Renaissance" album that would have featured the then-Stratovarius line-up, still including Timo Tolkki.

Tolkki then took the songs to his new band (also called Revolution Renaissance) and they were re-recorded as the first album with slightly different lyrics and arrangements.

Some of these tracks were used by Frontiers Records on the Revolution Renaissance release "EP" in 2010.

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