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Stone Magnum > From Time... to Eternity
Stone Magnum - From Time... to Eternity
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Stone Magnum

From Time... to Eternity

Stone Magnum

Release date:
June 28th, 2013
Catalog ID:
R.I.P. Records
2 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. From Time... to Eternity 08:50   Show lyrics
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2. Lonely God 06:11   Show lyrics
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3. In Tongues They Whisper 06:45   Show lyrics
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4. The Gallows of Ohrdruf 06:37   Show lyrics
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5. By an Omen I Went 05:33   Show lyrics
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6. Uncontained 07:15   Show lyrics
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7. In the Garden of Beasts 07:25   Show lyrics
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Jim Brucks Guitars
Dean Tavernier Guitars
Ben Elliot Bass
Nick Hernandez Vocals
Brad Toth (R.I.P. 2020) Drums
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Also released by Witches Brew as European edition with a bonus CD of the first full length. Package includes 12 page booklet slightly redesigned for "From Time..." and 6 page booklet for the debut. Limited to 700 hand numbered copies.

All songgs, lyrics, concepts and agendas written, performerd and administered by Stone Magnum.

Recording information:

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Stone Magnum at Bruised & Battered Studios, MIchigan city, Indiana.


Barcode: 616892143840

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