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Embryo / Stigmata > Damnatory Cacophony / Decieved Minds
Embryo / Stigmata - Damnatory Cacophony / Decieved Minds
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Damnatory Cacophony / Decieved Minds

Embryo / Stigmata

Release date:
December 31st, 2012
Catalog ID:
The Crypt
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Side A
1. Embryo - Brutality of Sickness 05:08  
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2. Embryo - Grotesque Life 06:30  
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3. Embryo - Bible of Hypocrisy 06:31  
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Side B
4. Stigmata - Decieved Minds 05:51  
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5. Stigmata - The Dead End of Morality 05:24  
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6. Stigmata - Overwhelming Grief 05:08  
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Peter "Pete Flesh" Karlsson Bass
Mattias Borgh Drums, Vocals (backing)
Joakim Hasth Guitars
Odd Larsson Vocals
Patrik Asplund Bass
Peter Eklund Drums
Steffe Söderberg Guitars
Lars Brolin Guitars
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Split Vinyl LP. Two versions exists: black/white vinyl pressing limited to 250 copies and total black pressing limited to 150 copies. 350 gramm gatefold jacket, including a poster, flyers, fotos, interviews and liner notes by each band.

Side A: Embryo: Damnatory Cacophony- Demo tape '91
Side B: Stigmata: Decieved Minds- Demo tape '92

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