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Sterbhaus > Hits for Dead Kids
Sterbhaus - Hits for Dead Kids
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Angels for Breakfast ...and God for Lunch

Hits for Dead Kids


Release date:
Catalog ID:
sterbed 002
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1. Bajo Multa 01:00   instrumental
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2. Sinister Neckgrip 02:51   Show lyrics
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3. STD für Alles 04:10   Show lyrics
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4. Die Leatherman Die 03:47   Show lyrics
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5. Chiliconcarnage and the Texmexecution 03:04   Show lyrics
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6. Aqualunch 02:35   Show lyrics
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7. Goat Boat 02:04   Show lyrics
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8. Lamplady 03:29   Show lyrics
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9. House of the Dead Dwarf (Thaimas Time Has Come) 03:54   Show lyrics
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All songs by Sterbhaus. Logo & Graphics by Marcus.
Bandphotos taken by Mathias Svensson & edited by Marcus.

Videos were made for Sinister Neckgrip and House of the Dead Dwarf.

Recording information:

Recorded & mixed in Abyss:
November 25 - 30 2008.
Mixed by Tommy Tägtgren. Mastered by Marcus.

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