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Allied Forces

Stampin' Ground / NSK / Stampin' Ground & NSK

Release date:
November 25th, 2003
Catalog ID:
TR 33
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1. Stampin' Ground - Bringin it Down (Judge cover) 01:54   Show lyrics
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2. Stampin' Ground - Calling in the Coroner (Vio-Lence cover) 04:20   Show lyrics
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3. Stampin' Ground - Malfunction (Cro-Mags cover) 03:43   Show lyrics
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4. Stampin' Ground - As One (Knuckledust cover) 02:47  
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5. Stampin' Ground - United Blood (Agnostic Front cover) 01:43   Show lyrics
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6. Stampin' Ground - By a Thread (Iniside Out cover) 02:22   Show lyrics
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7. NSK - Fuck the Middle East (SOD cover) 01:03   Show lyrics
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8. NSK - Home of the Brave 01:55  
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9. NSK - I'd Rather Be Sleeping (DRI cover) 02:20   Show lyrics
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10. NSK - I Want More (Suicidal Tendencies cover) 01:12   Show lyrics
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11. NSK - The A-Team (TV Theme Song) 01:19  
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12. NSK - Malfunction (Cro-Mags cover) 03:24   Show lyrics
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13. Stampin' Ground & NSK - (Untitled Track) 02:39  
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England's metallic bulldogs, Stampin' Ground, and America's hardcore eagles, North Side Kings, have decisively launched an unrelenting sonic assault on the world. Paying homage to their hardcore, metal, and thrash heroes, this release finds each band covering the likes of Cro-Mags, S.O.D., Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Inside Out, Judge, and more...

Tracks 1-6 by Stampin' Ground
Tracks 7-12 by NSK
Track 13 by Stampin' Ground & NSK

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