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Grinding Madness Compilation EP No. II

Squash Bowels / Lymphatic Phlegm / Slough / Cabal / Blood Suckers / P.C.F.W.I.B.

Release date:
December 1997
Catalog ID:
BLP 009
Bizarre Leprous Production
7" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
Side A
1. P.C.F.W.I.B. - For You Noise Bastards  
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2. Slough - Three Men and a Fetus  
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3. Blood Suckers - Human Factory  
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4. Blood Suckers - Work for Your Death  
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Side B
5. Squash Bowels - Holy Lies  
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6. Squash Bowels - Deadly Sick  
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7. Lymphatic Phlegm - Congenital Malformation of the Heart Involving Pulmonic Stenosis  
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8. Lymphatic Phlegm - Nephrological Problems by Degenerative Lesions in the Renal Tubules  
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9. Cabal - Unaesthetic Genital Stump  
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10. Cabal - Salmonella  
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Squash Bowels
Paluch Bass, Vocals
Rogal Drums, Vocals
Michael Thiry Drums
Cho-Jan Guitars
Zbych Guitars, Vocals
Lymphatic Phlegm
Rodrigo Alcantara Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
André Luiz Vocals
Tyler Gein (R.I.P. 2005) Guitars, Vocals
The Sick Vocals, Sample
Olarg Bass
JCD Vocals
Blood Suckers
Christophe Pels Guitars
Grégory Pels Vocals, Bass
Pierre Marchal Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
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Recording information:

Lymphatic Phlegm:
Recorded and mixed at Coda Studio on June 16th, 1997.


Matrix / Runout (A Side): MTO 0513/A
Matrix / Runout (B Side): MTO 0514/A

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