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Spiker > Heavy Metal Macht > 2019, 12" vinyl, Dying Victims Productions (Special edition)
Spiker - Heavy Metal Macht
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Heavy Metal Macht


Release date:
July 8th, 2019
Catalog ID:
DVP 130
Version desc.:
Special edition
Dying Victims Productions
12" vinyl
1 review (avg. 20%)
1. Heavy Metal Macht 04:13  
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2. Teufelskreis 05:07  
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3. Der Rock der es bringt 04:53  
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4. Kommando 04:44  
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5. Rockmanie 03:15  
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Original line-up
Band members
Otte Bass
Faxe Drums
Max Guitars
Julian Vocals
Original line-up
Otte Bass
Faxe Drums
Max Guitars
Julian Vocals
Read Heavy metal impotence 20% Felix 1666 August 12th, 2019

Special MLP version on white vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker and woven patch.

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