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Practic Holocaust

Sound Pollution

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1. Απανθρακωμένα πτώματα 00:39  
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2. Οι φύλακες 00:28  
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3. Καληστία Ι 01:18  
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4. Καληστία ΙΙ 01:33  
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5. Νυχτερινή κόλαση 01:51  
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6. Ζωική γενοκτονία 02:17  
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7. ??? 01:17  
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8. ΑΘΗΝΑ 01:40  
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9. Αλήθεια ή θάνατος 01:43  
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10. Ερωτικό 00:44  
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11. D.R.I. - Πουλημένοι 00:48  
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12. Ανατολή μίας νέας αυγής 01:06  
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13. Ξένοι ανάμεσα σε φίλους 00:33  
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14. Έμπορους θανάτου 03:05  
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Sakis Vocals
John Bass, Vocals (additional)
Spyros C.D. Drums
George Guitars, Bass
Pantelis Vocals
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All song titles and lyrics are in Greek.

A rough translation of track listing:
1)Carbonized Cadavers
2)The Guardians
3)Exhibition of Beauty 1
4)Exhibition of Beauty 2
5)Noctural Hell
6)Animal Genocide
7)Sick of it All
8)Athens 19,84
9)Only Death is Real
10)Love Song
11)D.R.I. - Sold out
12)New Dawn Rising
13)Strangers Amongst Friends
14)Trader in Death

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