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Sotajumala / Survivors Zero > Slaughter at Lutakko
Sotajumala / Survivors Zero - Slaughter at Lutakko
Sotajumala discography (all)
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Sotajumala / Deathchain
Survivors Zero discography (all)
Penitent One

Slaughter at Lutakko

Sotajumala / Survivors Zero

Split video
Release date:
March 10th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Cobra Records
None yet
1. Sotajumala - Intro  
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2. Sotajumala - Tappaja ja tapettu  
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3. Sotajumala - Arkku vailla vainajaa  
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4. Sotajumala - 8:15  
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5. Sotajumala - Riistetty viattomuus  
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6. Sotajumala - Verellä kirjoitettu  
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7. Sotajumala - Kuolleet  
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8. Sotajumala - Panssarikolonna  
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9. Sotajumala - Sotajumala  
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10. Sotajumala - Kidutus  
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11. Sotajumala - Kuolinjulistus  
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12. Survivors Zero - Armageddon Cult  
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13. Survivors Zero - Thorns of Rapture  
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14. Survivors Zero - Scavengers of Christ  
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15. Survivors Zero - I Bury Them Deeper  
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16. Survivors Zero - I Am the Gun  
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17. Survivors Zero - Trail of Fears  
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18. Survivors Zero - Reclaim My Heritage  
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19. Survivors Zero - Embrace the Inferno  
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Mynni Luukkainen Vocals
Kosti Orbinski Guitars
Pete Lapio Guitars
Tomi Otsala Bass
Timo Häkkinen Drums
Survivors Zero
Tapio Wilska Bass
Sami Jämsén Guitars
Tommi Virranta Vocals
Seppo Tarvainen Drums
Jani Luttinen Guitars
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Deathchain was also intended to be part of this release, because they were on the same tour and performed on the very same concert, however there were some technical problems and their material got either destroyed or the quality was so bad that they decided not to release it.


Barcode: 6 417138 603586

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