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Death Metal Finland


Release date:
September 27th, 2004
Catalog ID:
CUT 030
Woodcut Records
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Intro 00:52   instrumental
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2. Meidän maa 02:50   Show lyrics
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3. Elämän vihollinen 03:38   Show lyrics
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4. Syyttömien veri 02:42   Show lyrics
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5. Kuolleet 04:49   Show lyrics
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6. Rakkaudesta sotaan 01:53   Show lyrics
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7. Panssarikolonna 02:15   Show lyrics
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8. Sisu sinivalkoinen 02:45   Show lyrics
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9. Sotajumala 02:09   Show lyrics
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10. Vanki 03:59   Show lyrics
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11. Pommitus 05:39   Show lyrics
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Band members
Teijo Hakkola Vocals
Kosti Orbinski Guitars
Pete Lapio Guitars
Tomi Otsala Bass
Timo Häkkinen Drums
Sami Kokko Vocals on "Pommitus"
Simo "Slayer" Rahikainen Guitars (lead) on "Kuolleet"
Miscellaneous staff
Arttu Romo Design
Juha Saikkonen Producer
Sami Kokko Recording, Mixing
Mika Jussila Mastering
Sami Kokko Vocals on "Pommitus"
Simo "Slayer" Rahikainen Guitars (lead) on "Kuolleet"
Arttu Romo Design
Juha Saikkonen Producer
Sami Kokko Recording, Mixing
Mika Jussila Mastering
Read War Fucking Metal indeed. 85% Kanwvlf July 20th, 2004
Read WAR FUCKING METAL 84% Spawnhorde July 18th, 2004

Tracklist translation:
2. Our Country
3. The Enemy of Life
4. The Blood of the Innocent
5. The Dead
6. For the Love of War*
7. Armor Column
8. The Strength of the Blue and White* **
9. Wargod
10. Prisoner
11. Bombardment

*translations are a little iffy.
** The colors of the Finnish flag are blue and white and the Finnish word 'sisu' refers not only to one's physical stamina, but also to one's strength of mind, one's willingness to fight under overwhelming odds.

Re-released as special edition on Feb 27th, 2008 with a bonus CD including Sotajumala MCD (1-4), Pansarikolonna MCD (5-8), Rare Tracks recorded in 2003 (9-10), Sotajumala's tracks on Sotajumala/Torture Killer Split (11-12) & Kuolunjistus CDs (13-14):
1. Sotajumala
2. Pelkuri
3. 105 Päivää
4. Verinmaa, Isänmaa
5. Pansarikolonna
6. Sodan Kauhu
7. Nimettömäksi Jäänyt
8. Verinmaa, Isänmaa
9. Pommitus (Previously unreleased 2003 Version)
10. Ryssä Men Leipääni Syö (Klamydia Cover)
11. 8:15
12. Bind, Torture, Kill
13. Kuolinjulistus
14. Estrangulados

Harri Lastu – Vocals (cd 2 tracks 1—4)
Arttu Romo – Drums (cd 2 tracks 1—10)
Jyrki Häkkinen – Guitar (cd 2 tracks 1—10)
Mynni Luukkainen – Vocals (cd 2 tracks 11—13)

Guest musicians:
Rodrigo Fatality – Vocals on "Estrangulados"
Tartunta – Backing Vocals on "Estrangulados"
Taiteilija Orkasalo – Lead Guitar on "Estrangulados"
Kossu-Pete – Lead Guitar on "Estrangulados"

- Rare tracks CD was remastered by Sami Koivisto.
- Additional design by Kalle Pyyhtinen.

Recording information:

Recorded at Sam's Workshop (Jyväskylä, Finland) during August 18th – 31st 2003.
Mixed at the same place during September 8th – 14th 2003.
Mastered at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.

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