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Soils of Fate > Thin the Herd
Soils of Fate - Thin the Herd
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Thin the Herd

Soils of Fate

Release date:
September 2014
Catalog ID:
Permeated Records
400 copies
None yet
1. Weaponry Wisdom 03:26  
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2. Thin the Herd 03:55   Show lyrics
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3. Brotherhood (Omertá Part II) 02:53  
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4. 8.9.3 04:33  
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5. High Lead Intake 03:41  
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6. O.O.O / T.T.T 03:27  
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7. Vale Tudo 03:25  
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8. I Am Violence 03:16   Show lyrics
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9. C²¹H²³NO⁵ 04:25  
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10. Dogma 03:21  
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Band members
Magnus Lindvall Guitars
Henrik Crantz Vocals, Bass
Fredrik Widigs Drums
Frank Rini Vocals
Takanori Fujioka Vocals
Magnus Ljung Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Alexander Borovykh Mixing, Mastering
Magnus Lindvall Guitars
Henrik Crantz Vocals, Bass
Alexander Borovykh Mixing, Mastering
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There are two editions of the CD release. The first edition was limited to 400 copies printed and wasn't released as a slipcase and also features a (slightly) different band logo.
The later editions after these 400 are released as a slipcase.

The track title "O.O.O / T.T.T " stands for "one on one / toe to toe"

C²¹H²³NO⁵ is the formula code for "heroin". The track is usually referred to simply as "heroin" for that reason

Recording information:

Recorded at Blue Flame Productions in 2014


Matrix runout: PR025

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