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When It Happens You'll Know


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2 colors
Shifty Records
12" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. The Menace... 01:39  
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2. Stuffed Animal Parade 02:48  
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3. Crush the Skulls of The(ir) Dead 03:29  
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4. Fashion Faggit 00:35  
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5. As Their Dead Burn 02:33  
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Side B
6. Section 8 Parasites 02:05  
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7. Worthless (Aborted) 01:11  
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8. The Solution... 00:25  
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9. Drinking Vodka Under the Moon 01:08  
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10. We're Not into Anything 00:42  
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11. Squirrel Butt 00:49  
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12. Fashion Faggit (Total F.C. E.D.E.-((re))mix) 00:36  
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Co-released with Painiac Records.

Comes in a generic white 12" cover with two big green on white stickers on the front (one for the band logo, one for the tracklist and info). Includes a full color A3 sized laserprint insert.
Also includes several photocopied pamphlets.

Limited edition 0f 100 copies on green with white splatter vinyl of which one copy was destroyed.

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